Thank you for funding Issue #1 of A City Masquerade!

Pre-Sale was a major success and with your help we have fully funded a first printing run of our comic book. Nick and I are blown away by your support. We’ll see you in September at Free State Comicon in Lawrence (9/10) and then at our official release event (details to come). You’ll be holding our story in your hands in no time. 

Per Visum Animae,

Special Thanks To:

Elizabeth VanHoutan
Scott Griffin
Kane Eggers
Seth McCauley
Mary Pat Pellett
Benjamin Reed
Sarah Weekley
Chase Vervynck
Grahm Saunders
Benjamin McCormick
Mark Matteson
Spencer Mann
Kiefer mcCulley
Eric Franz
John Stech
Logan McKinney
Kyle Gardner
Michelle & Dan Pierce
Jordan Long
Drake Sedillo
Brooks Williamson
Ryan Storck
Nathan Rausch
Preston Randolph
Joe Thomas
Alex Kong
Nancy Brownell
Paul Punzo
Mike Pennekamp
Landon Merrill
Ian Eastes
Natalia Mujazdic
Josh Rocha
Dana Eastes
Patric Tester
Jesse Garcia
Keith Jimboy
Bruce Eggers
Chris Carden
Robert Madole
Kathy Williamson
Kayle Campbell
Chris Nieto
Linda Gruss
Taber Falconer
Chris Wildgen
Kirk Dyck
Isaac Flynn
Hillary Gruss
Joel Eastes
Whitney Baker
Wade Dittburner
Saxon Kimball
Tom Trest
Carrie Dyes
Jon Gunnells
Devin Haughton

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