The Story

Presented in the tradition of neo-noir storytelling, A City Masquerade begins with the appearance of a dead body in The Triad, the center of Fort Veil’s metropolitan area. Bull Commander, Edward Scraper, is called back from his scheduled vacation to oversee the subsequent investigation. He quickly realizes how discovery of the body will have serious ramifications for the city’s future and the thin line of civility dividing New Fort and East Veil. 

A City Masquerade exists in layers. What is exposed on the surface is often only the tip of the iceberg. So much lies in wait for readers to uncover. The story promises to be much more than a murder mystery. What starts with a homicide case vectors out into every corner of the city and beyond. Our world would be impossible to exhibit without excavating the history of Fort Veil to demonstrate how Commander Scraper and our wider cast of characters find themselves on the brink of societal collapse.

Issue number one, “Murder,” follows Scraper reconciling his past against the ominous future of the city he swore to protect. But who is he protecting? The investigation of the dead body—and the first issue by extension—act as a gateway into a much larger story of struggle, tragedy, and perseverance.