Product Shipping Delay

Greetings Fort Veillians,

Good news first. The inaugural printing run of our comic book has made its way to us. Both editions of our comic book, standard and deluxe, have arrived in all their glory (see pictures below). Of course, this means you’ll be holding your own copy very soon. 

…Just not quite as soon as we were hoping for…

Unfortunately, we need to push back shipping preorder purchases. Our timeline for delivery was more ambitious than foreseen. Originally, our hope was to send out orders to backers by late September, early October. This plan did not come to fruition. We are now aiming for a late November, early December product shipping timeline.

Many of you ordered more than just Issue #1 of A City Masquerade. Every preorder package comes with some sort of incentive, from stickers to handmade screenprints. We need the extra time to make sure we deliver exactly what you paid for. Just as with our story, we want everything we create to reflect quality, care, and attention to detail. 

The truth of the matter is that Nick and I are independent creators. We both work full-time jobs on top of devoting ourselves to passion projects outside of work hours. Additionally, Nick’s Red Legger Studio artist brand has been extremely busy. He has attended three arts shows as a vendor in the past month. Such events eat up his weekends. What’s more, Nick was offered a full gallery display at the Lawrence Art Center for the month of November. This is a huge deal! And I, for one, fully support his decision to devote time and resources to this grand opportunity. 

We anticipate news of this delay might be frustrating for some of you to hear, and we assure you that we share your frustration. You all trusted us by investing your hard-earned money into our humble project. We do not take that trust lightly. 

Thank you all for your continued patience,

Will Pellett

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