Welcome to Fort Veil, a city founded on a violent history it can’t seem to escape…

A City Masquerade is a forthcoming comic book series by writer Will Pellett and illustrator Nick Perry. It is a deeply American story set in a fictional region of an alternate imagining of the United States. While the world that is presented is fantastical in many respects, it is exaggerated for the purpose of highlighting very real consequences of the nation’s mythologies.

Violence among the city’s disenfranchised community, The Tribes, and a militarized police force known as The Bulls, escalates amidst fascist uprising and counter rebellion. For years, The Tribe Wars have threatened to breach the sanctity of Fort Veil’s gated inner-city borough. As blood runs closer to the border that divides the city territories and its bureaucratic factions battle for control over its institutions, a cloud of ambiguity hovers above the city. One light of certainty pierces the haze: neighbor will no longer be able to ignore neighbor.


The latest in what’s happening with A City Masquerade.

On Parade


On Parade is an ongoing series of zines that feature process work and imagery from the ACM world and will accompany the comic book throughout the series.