Pre-Sale Launch 2022

Hello Again, 

It has been four years since we last updated you on the state of A City Masquerade. Needless to say, a lot has happened between then and now—in our personal lives, the composition of our comic book, and the world more broadly. Let me start by saying Nick and I are still here and our project is alive and well! Better yet, it’s time to share the first issue with you. Our final draft is ready to send to the printers. So with that, we’re excited to announce that A City Masquerade is officially for sale!!!

We waited until now to ask for your monetary support because we felt it was important to sell you a complete product, as opposed to an idea. The product is here. It’s ready. As of today, July 19th, the pre-sale for issue #1 is live on our website and will remain open for three weeks. Till August 9th pre-order the comic book or a number of special items related to the project; like signed copies, stickers, zines, and screenprints. After the pre-sale, the issue won’t be available for purchase until it is officially released this September (2022) and certain limited-edition incentives will no longer be for sale. 

Your money goes directly to helping us PRINT and PROMOTE our project. As soon as the pre-sale closes in August, we will send first edition orders to the printer. Our promise to you: Nick and I won’t pocket any funds until all pre-sale supporters receive what they paid for.

We are forgoing third party promotion (like Kickstarter) to help us sell our project. Third party vendors, while no doubt useful, always take a percentage of crowdfunded earnings. Therefore, your direct support means SO MUCH to us. To participate in the pre-sale, simply visit the SHOP tab on our website. Our preferred method of payment is Venmo (@RedLegger). If you do not have a Venmo account, please reach out to us via email: We will gladly work with you to make sure your purchasing requests can be met.

In your Venmo request, please provide the following information:



*Email or Phone Number (in case we need to contact you)

*The number that corresponds with your desired pre-sale tier(s) 


John Doe

1234 Happy Place, Lawrence, KS, 66049

1 and 2

Pre-sale supporters will have the option of picking up their purchases directly from us at our launch party this coming Fall. Details for the launch party are TBD, so stay tuned for more info!

While you’re on our website, be sure to check out the available project information. Before diving into the first issue, you can read about the story, characters, world, and peruse virtual art galleries. 

Thank you for your support! We can’t wait for you to hold a copy of A City Masquerade in your hands this Fall. 

Per Visum Animae,


Featured: Standard Edition comic book 7″x10 1/2
Featured: Deluxe Edition Variant Cover

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