ACM Update 3.8.18

Here is the cover for A City Masquerade’s debut issue, titled, The Straw. You can find its synopsis on our website.

For those of you following the project, or who are aware of it, you know it’s been in production for quite some time. You might ask, “All this time for one issue?” And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong to wonder about the process. We view the inaugural issue as the culmination of years of dedicated world building. We had to generate mass content, and then distill that content into characters and pages. So yes, it has taken a while, but no, it won’t take this long in the future. The first issue is the foundation for the rest of the story. We want to get it right, for us and for you.

Another question you might be asking is, “What constitutes an issue?” How many pages? Nick and I have talked about this at length and we have decided that we are just going to continue to go with what feels right, based on what the story demands. So, I don’t want to give too much away, but with The Straw you should expect to receive approximately 70 pages of story and additional content. That number may seem high, it may seem low, but we figured after all this time, why give folks 20 pages they can blow through and then have them wait again for the next issue? The answer was that we, as the creators who have put a lot of passion into this, wouldn’t feel good about that. And why do something if you don’t feel good about it? For readers, we hope The Straw will have been worth the wait. For us, we want to feel a sense of accomplishment, and 20 pages wasn’t going to give us that.

That said, we can’t say for certain you should expect subsequent issues to have this much packed into them. But you should expect shorter waits between issues. There’s a vision behind the mask of our project.

Thanks for your patience,

Will and Nickcover1 (1)

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