ACM Update 7.11.17

Nick and I are hard at work trying to finish our first issue. The first one is a big deal to us because, well… it’s the first one. It’s our introduction. We might be silent for a little while but as soon as we have something to share we will share it. The both of us want to hold the first copy in our hands as much as you do. You can read a synopsis of the first issue, titled “The Straw”, here on our website.

With future announcements you can also expect to learn about the project’s Kickstarter. Since the primary focus of our first fundraising effort will be to publish and promote our first issue, we want to wait until we have a finished product before trying to earn your financial support.

Don’t forget that while you wait, our ongoing zine series On Parade has already published its first two issues. Head over to our shop to get those, where a bunch of cool stuff including T-shirts will soon be available.

Lastly, go to our Facebook page to check out a project teaser video put together by our good friend, Travis Read.

Thanks for your patience!


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